The proper gesture within disproportionate models

Two subjects of choice : women and animals.

All Sylvie Mangaud’s sculptures are stylisized though they keep the right movements. The artist also works on empty spaces to create geometrical forms.

Her talent: a flow that seduces all generations.


A world of subtlety, strong and delicate at the same time

Zen, Cool, Libre, Vénus, Harmonie… Many names given by Sylvie Mangaud to her slender bronzes that seduce us at first sight.

Nudes and animals has directly been her inspiration. Her creations presents lightness, delicacy and elegance. Their lines’ purity reveals an authentic balance. Some are about to leap, others to dive, some run to love, others satisfy themselves walking with simplicity and verticality. They are strong and delicate at the same time.

Sylvie Mangaud’s sculptures are also an on purpose disproportion. It makes the whole harmonious : legs rising to infinity, combining lines’ length and curves’ softness. The faces stay smooth, leaving the bodies speaking, sensual but never immodest.

One cannot deny : we can’t imagine their silhouettes differently.

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An experience focus on observation

After her studies in graphology and morphology, Sylvie Mangaud is quickly passionate about body representation and expression.

Initially photographer, Sylvie Mangaud learned how to memorize movements, capture emotions and immortalize instants. Then, her morphology studies allowed her to observe and understand body language. It turns her naturally towards sculpture, that she does with sensitivity since the 90s.

The outcome : a picture freeze that gives to her bronzes a slender, aerial and sensual dimension.

Drawings and pictures