While keeping her own style, Sylvie Mangaud also creates sculptures on demand.

Her bronzes can be either indoors or outdoors and fit well in flats, offices and public spaces.


Naked Bronzes

Serene or pensive, hesitant or abandoned, languidly untied or folded over their secrets, delicately sensual but never immodest, the “Nudes” of Sylvie Mangaud are an ode to femininity in all that it offers strong and fragile at the same time.

Captured in the most touching postures, as recreated with the fingertips by the artist, these women dream, stretch or offer themselves in a state of grace marrying the length of the lines with the softness of the curves. Ankles, wrists, bare necks, the ties look for and meet, shivering under the bronze; the backs are given, the shoulders speak; the legs lengthen or fold in the waves of emotion. The faces remain smooth, letting the bodies talk.

All are one and each is unique.

Delicate Bronzes

A few grams of bronze in a world of delicacy… the “Delicates” of Sylvie Mangaud defy gravity! The sculptor’s gesture knows how to carve the real; and here is her model, although carnal, rid of all heaviness, totally free of his movements. The lightness to which every being aspires takes flesh in this art. The result is a fluid ballet of legs stretched to infinity, huge arms that embrace, grasp, welcome … far, far away, tired bodies and heads too full. Giraffes women with long necks, women twigs opulent fruit, proud and unreal women, racy arch, populate this garden of Eden where only a few very pure men have the right to enter. Some are about to leap, others to dive, some run towards love, others are content to walk with a simplicity and a verticality that confine to the Absolute. Members at this point worked, softened, stretched in the fire of the foundry, what audacity! It gives off a magic, a moving elegance that makes you want to belong to this air people.


Because it draws its impulses of sculpture in the breeding ground of the creation, Sylvie Mangaud could not approach the animal kingdom without granting him the same delicacy, the same freedom of movement as to its slender humans. The horse prance on firefly legs, the fox has the squirrel’s gracefulness, the stag carries his majesty by the force of its lightness, the elephant seems to dance on porcelain, the ostrich waves like an oriental dancer, the heron merges into a sketch in branches that are finer than life.

The disproportion becomes harmony and the world is gaining height. What appeasement …




Texts by Stéphanie Brisson